Demos & Downloads

This section lists some of the tools developed at our lab. Most are freely available for research use. You must first register to download the software or send us an email.

Automatic Speech Dubbing Demo

In the context of BERBATEK research project an automatic speech dubbing demo has been developed. The demo integrates three main technologies: automatic text and audio alignment, machine translation and text to speech synthesis. Subtitles for documentary videos in Spanish are automatically generated using the audio and the corresponding script. The subtitles are then translated to Basque and the new audio signal in Basque is generated using AhoTTS. You can try the demo here using Chrome.


AhoTTS is the Aholab Signal Processing Lab Multilingual Text to Speech Synthesizer. You can try it in here


Ahocoder is a new speech coder very useful for statistical speech processing tasks. You will find useful information about it in AHOcoder download webpage

AhoTTS Linguistic Module (Module 1)

AhoTTS Linguistic Module performes the normalization of a Basque written text and provides an xml formatted file with the normalized and POS annotated text. The module can be executed from this link