Demos & Downloads

This section lists some of the tools developed at our lab. Most are freely available for research use. You must first register to download the software or send us an email.


During the last years Aholab has developed a HMM based Speech Recognizer AhoSR. Using this recognizer we have developed several applications for CALL and CAPT. Have a look at this page





Iparrahotsa: AhoTTS for Lapurdian Basque

Iparrahotsa is the AhoTTS version for Lapurdian Basque. This project has been funded by the Euroregion Aquitaine Euskadi under grant EUSKADI 2012-004. You can try it in here or download it. 

Download AhoTTS Iparrahotsa


The primary goal ZureTTS portal is the design and development of a web interface that allows nonexpert users to get their own personalized synthetic voice with minimal effort. Based on the increasingly popular statistical parametric speech synthesis paradigm, the system is being developed simultaneously for various languages: English, Spanish, Basque, Catalan, Galician, Slovak, Chinese, and German. Become a donnor and a user!


TTS-Aholab, la app que te da Voz

Es una app para Android que puedes descargar gratuitamente, y que te ayudará a comunicarte si tienes una discapacidad oral. 

Descárgatela aquí