Resource Compilation
Bizkaifon (speech and video database)
FDB1060-EU (speech-dat like, Fixed)
MDB600-EU (speech-dat like, Mobile)
Abiadura (speech rate database)
Ahoemo1 (video/audio emotional database)
Ahoemo2 (emotional speech database)
Ahoemo3 (emotional speech database)
AhoSyn (Large speech database)
Ahospeaker (speech database)
Pthcdp (Pitch Detection Algorithm)
AhoVAD (Voice Activity Detection)
AhoPolar (Polarity Detection)

MDB600-EU: Speech-dat like database for Basque

The Basque MDB-600 database contains the recordings of 660 speakers of Basque recorded over the mobile telephone network.
This database is partitioned into 4 CDs
The database complies with the common specifications created in the SpeechDat project.

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